Why Use Drafting Standards? 2

It is crucial to be able to communicate with everyone collaborating on a project.  The various documents utilized for a project serve as a central source to collaborate and share information on a project.  Therefore, standards such as consistent layer names, document templates, colors, text styles, and procedures may be necessary to share information accurately and consistently with all members of a project, including designers, managers,  marketing, and sales associates, production or construction staff, contractors vendors, and clients.  The Standards ensure that all drawings within a project or company use the same layer names, dimension styles, linetypes, text styles, and so on.

Imagine the frustration and inefficiency of working with a set of drawings for one project created by several drafters using several methods, each drawing having its own set of layer names, dimension styles, linetypes, and text styles!  Standards provide better coordination among teams, a more efficient design process, and ultimately increased production and profits.  Standards are also an important factor in producing documents that look professional rather than thrown together.  So, remember that no standard is any less important than another.

At Rittiluechai Architecture, our goal is to work effectively and efficiently as a team to produce high quality, consistent documents, that are unique to the office.  While seeking unique presentation methods, we maintain focus on the fact that these drawings shall be legible and well organized for the utmost efficiency in the construction stages of the project. This goal is achievable only if everyone complies with these office standards and submits suggestions to improve the Standards to the standards manager for consideration.


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Whitney Ford graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor's of Architecture in Architecture from Oklahoma State University and has worked with Jeramie Rittiluechai since that time. In 2009 Jeramie Rittiluechai Architecture was founded and Whitney started working with RA as contract drafter and graphic designer. Towards the beginning of 2011 Whitney joined the RA team full time as Project Manager. Whitney is now the RA Vice President in charge of overseeing all projects and firm management. Connect on Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/whitneyford/

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