How to learn Revit (for free)

Tips and Tools for Developing your Revit Skills on a Startup Budget

So you want to make the transition to BIM but your budget barely allows for purchasing the software.  Perhaps you are a student or intern who needs to improve their Revit skills.  I have been using Revit on multiple projects since 2009 and have found there are many resources online that you can tap into without spending your limited budget.  Below I will outline some of the resources I have utilized over the years to help increase my knowledge of Autodesk Revit.  I hope that you find them helpful.  Please take a moment to leave a comment with tips and other helpful resources.  I will occasionally update this post with new information and resources.

BIM won’t do the thing!?  What do I do?

First, hover over the tools…Revit has built in mini-tutorials.  That didn’t work? Google it.  Seriously, that is always my first step.  If you think Revit should be able to do something or look a certain way, but you can’t tell where to click or what button to push, then Google is your friend.  What if that doesn’t work?  If you have tried asking the search engine in a few different ways and are not finding the answer, your next stop is online forums (see below) .   I’d say that 99% of the time searching for 5 minutes either finds the solution or lets you know it is not yet possible.  If your issues is more of a technical nature rather than use, try the company that supports your Revit subscription or Autodesk Knowledge Network.


Videos are my go to source for understanding processes in Revit that are not necessarily intuitive.  They are also a great place to start when wanting to learn the basics.

User Groups and Forums


Random Technical Help

Is your Revit install acting up?

It may be a damaged install.  Consult your IT person first but below is the instructions we were given to correctly uninstall Revit (PC version).  If you don’t uninstall it correctly you will likely be sorry when you install it again.  Note:  We are not responsible for what you do to your own computer.

  1. How To Properly Uninstall then Reinstall Autodesk Revit. 
  2.  After doing the uninstall run Microsoft Fixit  
  3. then install a fresh copy.

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