About Our Firm

Rittiluechai Architecture PC is a full service Architectural practice with a twist.  The organization is set up differently from a traditional Architectural Firm.  We have relationships with numerous independent contractors (Professionals, Designers and CAD Technicians) that are utilized to provide a variety of services and expertise to a project.  Through the independent contractors, Rittiluechai Architecture PC is capable of putting together a team to meet the needs of any size or type of project.

Rittiluechai Architecture PC provides Project Management services to clients when requested.  We work towards providing a turnkey option to our clients with the use of our relationships with local Independent Contractors in Construction.

The current registrations held by our staff include the following states: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas.

Is your project outside of these areas?  We have the ability to achieve licensure nationwide with NCARB certified staff.

Rittiluechai Architecture NCARB Licensed States


Our goal is to positively influence the development of architecture as both art and science by incorporating a rational response to design, operating with integrity, and striving to create a positive impact in our world today with a promise for an improved tomorrow.

In order to achieve our goals,  four distinct principles guide RA’s practice:

Architectural Approach

“Form follows Function” was a principle of Frank Lloyd Wright and an early career inspiration. RA believes that each individual piece of a built environment that an Architect is responsible for must be functional. Form and Aesthetic only reveals itself to an occupant through its functionality. There is no Form or Aesthetic applicable in Architecture if there is no Function.

Environmental Response

The built environment must reflect, respect and honor the natural environment. Man will never be able to replicate the beauty and complexity found in nature. It is our responsibility as stewards of this planet to protect it and minimize our impact.

Economic Function

The Architect must promote the responsible design and construction of the built environment to a higher standard regardless of economic limitations. We must not allow ourselves to become part of inferior design or construction practices that add no value to the landscape. This approach will open the practice to all and further promote the value of design.

Social Responsibility

The Architect’s impact on the built environment has a significant role in the make-up of the Society. We simply must not just reflect the culture that is but also what that culture could be. Architects should create physical symbols that inspire future generations and promote the viability of the communities that inhabit the built environment.