“We needed an Architect and approached Jeramie.  He was able to provide us the documentation for our expansion.  We were able to communicate what we wanted and he delivered” – Paul Lajoie

“Jeramie is an excellent resource for professional knowledge in  architecture.  I have relied upon Jeramie on several occasions for performance evaluations and peer reviews on architectural projects and professional growth.  I recommend his services in the professional practice of architecture.” – Jeff Massey

“Jeramie agressively pursues goals and objectives to assure that our projects stay on time.” – Steve Rote

“Jeramie is a great professional to work with. During my tenure as Director of Construction for TGI Friday’s I was able to depend on his professionalism and great work ethic. Jeramie is an asset to both the objectives and success of his clients. I always look forward to working with Jeramie.” – John King

“After working with Jeramie on several fast track construction projects, it was evident that his wealth of knowledge and ability to think outside of convention was a true asset to all parties involved (owner, general contractor, suppliers and subcontractors). Jeramie is a true team player and he will be of great value on any project he is awarded to manage. Successful construction begins with thoughtful and careful design, and all projects we worked together on were very successful.” – Ryan Bernier